NFL Playoff Betting: Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots Odds, Prediction, and Pick

Baltimore Ravens

All things have gone to play for the AFC this season it seems, as the number one and number two seeds are meeting in the AFC Championship game.  The New England Patriots took down the number one overall seed for the conference with their incredibly impressive 13-3 record, while the Ravens had a 12-4 record of their own that had many hoping to see this match-up this Sunday.  This game has a story that sports fans love to think about, as one of the best offenses in the NFL in the Patriots will be up against one of the best defenses out there.  While the Pats seem to have had it a bit easier this past weekend as they dominated the Denver Broncos 45-10, life wasn’t as easy for the Ravens.  They were up against one of the bigger playoff underdogs in the Houston Texans, but only managed to pull out a 20-13 win at home.  The AFC Championship game will kick off at 3:00pm EST and will be played in New England.

Obviously the main thing to watch will be Tom Brady and his offense against Ed Reed and Ray Lewis with their defense.  Another player to watch though will be Ray Rice for the Ravens, and also how much he gets the ball.  The Ravens are going to need a big day from Rice to pull off this upset on the road, and they are also going to need Joe Flacco to do his best to protect the football on Sunday.  Don’t sleep on the Ravens though, as they have been in the playoffs consistently over the past five years, but never seem to get to the big game.  Could this be their year?  Or will it be Brady and Belichick back in the Super Bowl?

Odds and Sports Betting Line

Baltimore Ravens: +7

New England Patriots: -7

Free Prediction

Going against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick during playoff time is tough to do, but if anyone can pull off the upset it’ll be the Ravens.  Fortunately for Pats fans, I’m not really sure if anyone can right now.  I think that the Patriots offense is just overwhelmingly good, and that their defense will be able to do enough to slow down the Ravens.  The Ravens passing game isn’t enough to keep pace, which will cause some problems for their defense.  I’ll be going with the Patriots to win it, but I think that it will be closer than many are expecting on Sunday.

Prediction:  New England Patriots- 28 Baltimore Ravens- 24

Free Pick

This line started out at right about 7.5 and is slowing going towards Baltimore.  I’m not sure if it will move much more than it has, but I think that this game is closer than a touchdown game.  The Ravens emotions will be high, which will help out a lot, but in the end I think that the better offense will win the game.  I think that the Patriots will win it, but I’m picking the Baltimore Ravens to cover the +7 on the road.

Pick:  Baltimore Ravens +7


NFL Playoff Betting: New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers Odds, Prediction, and Pick

San Francisco 49ers

This weekend, we have two of the biggest games of the entire NFL season.  One of them starts in the afternoon, while the other one, that we are about to talk about, kicks off in the evening and could be one of the best NFL games of the year.  The New York Giants will head on the road to a place where there was magic just this last weekend on Saturday.  The San Francisco 49ers pulled off a shocking upset with 9 seconds left against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, and this is exactly why they are in the NFC Championship game this weekend.  On the other side of things, the New York Giants pulled off a bit of a surprising upset of their own, as they went to Lambeau field and beat the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers in impressive fashion.

That sets up a game in San Francisco between these two teams, and one that has a few interesting story lines behind it.  For starters, the Niners’ impressive season really came thanks to their incredible defense, and some pretty solid play from the offense.  Last week though, their offense was simply on fire, and it will be interesting to see if they can do the same thing against this Giants defense.  As far as the Giants go, they have one of the best passing games out there with Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, and Victor Cruz.  If the 49ers defense is able to contain this impressive passing game, it could make for a long night for the Giants offense.

This one will kick off at 6:30pm EST on Sunday, January 22nd, and you can bet that the entire NFL world will have their eyes locked on this game.

Odds and Sports Betting Line

New York Giants: +2.5

San Francisco 49ers: -2.5

Free Prediction

This game has all the makings of one that many people will remember for quite a while.  The 49ers have the defense, and the Giants have the offense.  Which other side is going to step up though?  For me, I saw all that I needed to see last weekend from the 49ers.  While both teams look like they are on their “A” game right now, the 49ers get the home field advantage as well.  I’ll take Alex Smith to help lead his team to the victory on Sunday, and a big part of it will be the crazy environment in San Francisco as well.  I’m going with San Fran by three this weekend.

Prediction:  San Francisco 49ers- 24 New York Giants- 21

Free Pick

I’m glad I can get this line at -2.5 instead of -3, but either way I do feel confident about the 49ers being at home this weekend.  Their offense looks to be the real deal, and their defense has already proved that they are more than a handful for their opponents.  I’m going to ride with 49ers and I think that we’ll be seeing them in the Super Bowl against either the New England Patriots or the Baltimore Ravens.  I’m picking the San Francisco 49ers to get the win and also to cover the -2.5.

Pick:  San Francisco 49ers -2.5


NFC Playoff Betting: New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers Odds, Prediction, and Pick

New York Giants

What an NFC playoff match-up this one is.  The New York Giants nearly ended the Green Bay Packers perfect season (which was ended just a few weeks later) earlier in the year, but they were outdone by quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the end.  They get a chance to get back at the Packers for that tough loss on Sunday though, as they will head to Green Bay in what is one of the most talked about match-ups of the NFL playoffs.  When all was said and done last time, the Packers won 38-35 thanks to a field goal from Mason Crosby.  This one will be played in Green Bay this time though, and the Packers come in as pretty big favorites as well.  Kick off will be at 4:30pm on Sunday, and will be the finally NFL playoff game of the weekend before the NFC and AFC Championship games the following weekend.

The Packers have one of the best offenses in the league, and it is led by their incredible passing game with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and wide outs Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, and Randall Cobb, and also tight end Jermichael Finley.  They finished with a league best 15-1 record, and you can bet that they have quite a few teams’ attention in these playoffs.

The New York Giants are coming off of a big win at home against the Atlanta Falcons in the Wild Card round, but they’ll have a much bigger task this weekend.  The G-Men have a Super Bowl quarterback in Eli Manning, and also have one of the best groups of receivers out there in Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham as well.  If anyone can pull off the early upset of the Packers in this years’ playoffs, then it will be the New York football Giants.

Odds and Sports Betting Line

New York Giants: +8

Green Bay Packers: -8

Free Prediction

What a tough game.  The Giants are going to be out for redemption after a tough loss earlier this season at their home stadium, and the Packers are looking towards a second consecutive potential Super Bowl run.  Both teams have the offense to be able to get the win in this game, but I think it comes down to the defense in the end.  While the Giants defense was incredibly good last week, their main problem seems to be their secondary.  I don’t think that the secondary will be enough to slow down Aaron Rodgers and the Packers passing game, so I’m going to go with Green Bay to win it by a touchdown.

Prediction:  Green Bay Packers- 38 New York Giants- 31

Free Pick

Betting against Aaron Rodgers is always tough, but at least I’m doing it against a Super Bowl quarterback in Eli Manning.  While I don’t think that the Giants are going to win the game, I think that their offense is definitely strong enough to be able to keep this game close throughout.  In the end though, I’ll be going with the Packers to win, but I’m picking the New York Giants to cover the +8.

Pick:  New York Giants +8

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