NFL Week 11 Betting: San Diego Chargers vs. Chicago Bears Odds, Prediction and Pick

San Diego Chargers

The Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers are two teams who expected to have the word “playoffs” in their future after about 17 weeks of football.  Both teams still have good shots to do so, but one of them is heading in a direction which is completely opposite of their opponent.  The Chargers came into this season as the favorites to win the AFC West, and weren’t planning on having much of a competition for the division.  Unfortunately for this team, they’ve now lost four games in a row, and find themselves behind the Oakland Raiders, and are sitting at 4-5 overall.  Even more upsetting for the team, is that the division is now a toss up, as the other two teams in the division, the Chiefs and the Broncos are 4-5 as well.  The Chargers will definitely need to get a big win on the road on Sunday in order to keep pace in the AFC West.

On the other side of the ball, the Chicago Bears are flying high and are doing literally the exact opposite of what the Chargers are doing.  The Bears have now won four games in a row, are 6-3, and have now evened up second place in a tough NFC North which features the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions.  The Bears have been an all-around team in their past four games, and their recent 37-13 shellacking of the Lions was probably the most impressive win of the bunch, and proved that this team may have turned a corner.

The Chargers will need to be on top of their game in order to knock off this Bears’ team on the road.  The game kicks off at 4:15pm EST on Sunday afternoon, and should be an excellent game and NFL betting option for week 11.

Odds and Sports Betting Line

San Diego Chargers: +3.5

Chicago Bears: -3.5

Free Prediction

What a tough call this game will be.  Many people feel that the San Diego Chargers are going to show up big in a game that could potentially make or break their year in the end.  That’s going to be tough though, as their starting quarterback Philip Rivers has been disappointing this year so far, and he’ll be up against one of the top defenses in the NFL in week 11.  The Chargers are going to need a big night from their defense and their running game in order to pull off an upset on the road against this Bears team.  In the end, I do think it’ll be a tight game, but I think that the Bears pull out a close win in the fourth quarter.

Prediction:  Chicago Bears- 24 San Diego Chargers- 21

Free Pick

The fact that this line is set at -3.5 for the Bears is interesting.  It is almost yelling that this is a field goal game one way or the other, and I see that happening when all is said and done.  The Chargers NEED to look good in this game, and I think that Philip Rivers will be able to keep his turnovers down.  I think that Matt Forte will make the difference in the end though, and I expect a big time game from him on Sunday.  I’m picking the San Diego Chargers to get the cover here.

Pick:  San Diego Chargers +3.5


Week 11 NFL Betting: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens Odds, Prediction, and Pick

Cincinnati Bengals

If someone told you before the season that the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens Week 11 match-up was one that many people had their eye on, what would you say?  Most would say that there was no possible way, but that is just how the NFL goes sometimes.  This match-up features two teams who are fighting to be atop the AFC North, as the Ravens are currently 7-3, and the Bengals are 6-3.  Cincinnati has been one of the biggest surprises of the entire year, as they were originally expected to win less than five games.  Until their loss last week to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team was riding a six game win streak, and they’ll now look to rebound against a team in Baltimore who has one of the best running back’s in the NFL in Ray Rice.

These two teams play similar, but the real difference in this game will come down to the quarterback/wide receiver combo’s on both sides.  The Bengals rookie combination of Andy Dalton and AJ Green has been working, and working incredibly well to this point.  They’ll be up against Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin for the Ravens, and Baltimore will hope to get a better all around performance from Flacco this week than they did last week.  The Ravens are fresh off of a 22-17 loss to Seattle, while the Bengals lost 24-17 to Pittsburgh.  This game kicks off at 1:00pm EST this Sunday.

Odds and Sports Betting Line

Cincinnati Bengals: +7

Baltimore Ravens: -7

Free Prediction

Both of these teams are hard to figure at this point in the season, and we definitely expect one of them to make a push towards the playoffs, and one of them to slowly fade to mediocrity.  At this point though, it’s impossible to tell which will do what!  The Ravens are well coached, but Flacco needs to control his mistakes if this team is going to be a serious contender.  The Bengals on the other hand have got to win some games against the Ravens and Steelers if they want to seriously compete themselves.  In this one though, I think that the Ravens sneak out the win at home.  They’re too solid to not be able to hold off this hungry Bengals team, but I think it’ll be much closer than people are anticipating.  I’m predicting that the Ravens win it by 3.

Prediction:  Baltimore Ravens- 27 Cincinnati Bengals- 24

Free Pick

I wasn’t really surprised to see this line set at -7 for the Ravens.  Both teams have proved that they are the real deal, and I expect this game to be fight.  It’s a tough pick, but I think that you are giving a team who is out to prove something a few too many points here against a team that has yet to prove to me that they are for real.  I like the Bengals on the road, and I’ll take those seven points that they are given.  I’m picking the Cincinnati Bengals to get the cover on the road.

Pick:  Cincinnati Bengals +7

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