Chicago Bears vs NY Giants Spread and Review 08/22/2011

bet on the new york giants in the nfl

Currently the New York Giants are a 4 point favorite going into the pre season exposition against the Chicago Bears. According to many bookmakers this appears to be a game that could go either way. Both teams plan on resting a majority of there starters after the first quarter but I do expect the football game to be entertaining. You will be able to watch the game on channel 206 with direct tv or the nfl network on channel 431 and 432. After reviewing the game I’m going to put up a small bet on the NY Giants. I think the bears will have some problems defending the giants wide receivers with Manning as the QB and expect the giants to start out in the lead 10-3 after the 1st quarter.

Final prediction and score will be:

Chicago Bears 20
New York Giants 27



Kansas City Chiefs Vs Baltimore Ravens Spread And Injury Report

betting on the kansas city chiefs

If you plan on betting on the Kansas city chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens then I recommend you review the following information. Currently the Ravens are a -7 point spread favorite and that number is expected to stay around that. The line movements for the game has been consistent between -6.5 and -7.  The Kansas City Chiefs expect to rotate all 3 QB’s in this game starting with Matt Cassel, Tyler Palko, and Ricky Stanzi. Baltimore on the other hand has a history of playing all there starters for the entire first half. The Ravens plan on having a QB rotation in the second half with Tyrod Tayler and Hunter Cantwell. The normal starting QB Joe Flacco is expected to play the first entire half. Ray Lewis is injured and will be out for the game which will make a factor in this game just not a big enough one.

We really enjoy what Baltimore’s offense brings to the table. They have a consistent running game and I think the Chiefs will have a problem containing that in preseason game 2. I expect for the chiefs to come out strong with Cassell and will keep the game competitive going into half.  Go with the favorite on this game and take the the -7 points and bet on Baltimore.  I predict the game will also be a low scoring affair with the final being 24-13


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