NFL Week 12 Betting: Washington Redskins vs. Seattle Seahawks Odds, Prediction, and Pick

Seattle Seahawks

The Washington Redskins are on one of the worst downswings in the NFL so far this season (aside from the 0-10 Indianapolis Colts).  The Redskins have lost six games in a row now, and are sitting at 3-7 overall.  What makes this even tougher to swallow for the Redskins is that three of those losses came against teams who only had one win at the time they matched up with them.  The Redskins are looking to turn it around and get back on the winning track this week, but they’ll be on the road against a Seattle Seahawks team who has won two games in a row now.  The Seahawks may only have a 4-6 record, but they have beaten the likes of the New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens this year.

This game will be tough for the Redskins though, as they’ll have to travel across the country to take on a team who has one of the best fan bases in the NFL.  This team is struggling right now, and they get to play a team who is actually heading in the right direction at the right time with their win streak.  Don’t look past the motivational Pete Carroll either, because he’ll have his team ready to go at home.

This game will kick off at 4:05pm EST, and while these two teams have struggled this year; we still expect this game to be heated and actually be one of the best games of the weekend.  What really matters in the end though, is that this will be one of the best betting options of week 12 in the NFL.

Odds and Sports Betting Line

Washington Redskins: +3.5

Seattle Seahawks: -3.5

Free Prediction

Many people will see the Redskins close loss last week to the Dallas Cowboys, and think that this team could potentially be ready to turn the corner.  Well, it’ll actually be quite the opposite this week.  Losing to a big time rival in that way is incredibly tough to come back from, and I think that Washington will have a tough time getting up for this game against the Seahawks.  They have a tough travel, they are up against a team with a two game winning streak, and their opponent has one of the best home crowds in all of the NFL as well.  This all spells disaster for the Washington Redskins in week 12, and I think that the Seattle Seahawks get the win by a touchdown.

Prediction: Seattle Seahawks- 24 Washington Redskins- 17

Free Pick

I’m actually slightly surprised that the Seahawks are only -3.5.  Many people don’t believe that this team is very strong, but they have one thing that could potentially cause some issues for the Redskins, and that is running back Marshawn Lynch.  Lynch has been playing incredibly well as of late, and he’ll cause major issues for the Redskins this weekend.  Don’t look past the travel that the Redskins are doing, and also both the offensive and defensive struggles they’ve had as of late.  I’m picking the Seattle Seahawks to get the win and to cover the spread as well.

Pick:  Seattle Seahawks -3.5