Super Bowl Betting: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants Odds, Prediction, and Pick

Super Bowl

And the day is finally here ladies and gentleman.  We finally have our match-up for the Super Bowl after one of the most interesting NFL seasons in recent history.  And if it seems like this one seems familiar, well, we are sure that you are looking back to 2008 when the New York Giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history when they beat the then –undefeated New England Patriots in the big game.

These two teams made their run to this point in pretty different fashions, as the Giants had to win in week 17 against the Dallas Cowboys to make it to the playoffs at all, while the New England Patriots had their playoff spot locked in long before this.  This doesn’t mean that these two teams are all that different though, as they actually have similar strengths.

The Giants and Patriots both have excellent passing games, solid running games that won’t normally blow you away, and strong defensive lines.  The biggest issue for both teams though?  That would be their secondaries.  This game could really come down to which secondary is able to make the big play when it matters most, and I think that that all of this adds up to one of the best Super Bowls in history, mainly because all of the hype is surrounding the offense of both teams!

The Super Bowl is set to kick off on February 5th at 6:30pm EST, and will be played in Indianapolis, home of the Colts.  Most importantly though, the sports betting lines have been released, and we already have our free pick and prediction in on the biggest sporting event out there.

Odds and Sports Betting Line

New York Giants: +2.5

New England Patriots: -2.5

Free Prediction

So do you ride with the team who pulled off one of the most incredible upsets in Super Bowl history, or the team who still has that loss in the back of their minds, and also has one of the best quarterbacks in history?  I really like the Patriots in this one, mainly because of how this team seems to just consistently put up results.  On top of that though, don’t forget that their loss to the Giants was only four years ago, and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick may not say it out loud, but that definitely stuck with them.  The Patriots passing game of Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, and Aaron Hernandez is going to cause all sorts of issues for this Giants secondary, so I’m going to ride with the Patriots to pull off a close win in this year’s Super Bowl.

Prediction: New England Patriots- 28 New York Giants- 24

Free Pick

This has been one of the more interesting Super Bowl lines, as it first came out and started around -3.5 for the Patriots, but has moved towards the Giants.  I was close on it at -3.5, but I love the bet at -2.5 for New England.  I’m going to be picking the New England Patriots to get the win, and also the cover.

Pick:  New England Patriots -2.5