Week 17 Betting: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Odds, Prediction, and Pick

Dallas Cowboys

You simply have to love this situation here.  This is what NFL football is all about, and this weekends match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants is going to be one of the best games of the entire weekend.  The Cowboys head on the road, and the winner of this game will take down the NFC East crown.  Both teams are sitting at 8-7 overall, and to break it down for you, the loser of this game gets to watch the playoffs from their couch at home, while the winner gets to head into the big dance as the 4th seed in a tough NFC.  The Cowboys are in a tough spot because they are on the road here, and the Giants are also coming off of a big win against the New York Jets last weekend which put them into this spot.

This is a story of a game between two teams who have been the definition of up and down this year.  Both have had their fair share of bad losses, but both have also had some pretty impressive wins as well.  This game will come down to which team wants it more in the end, because these teams have similar types of squads.  Both teams have strong offenses with a very good quarterback, solid running game, and excellent wide receivers.  Their defenses have been the real problem to this point, as both defenses struggle quite a bit against the pass it seems.  Expect both Tony Romo and Eli Manning to have big games, and we’re looking forward to an exciting game all around.

This one was flexed to Sunday Night Football, so the kickoff will be at 8:20pm.  This one is a tough one for betting purposes, but it’s one that we definitely have a pick on!

Odds and Sports Betting Line

Dallas Cowboys: +2.5

New York Giants: -2.5

Free Prediction

Typically in this situation, I’d lean towards the home squad.  BUT, do you remember that game a few weeks back where the Giants went on the road to Cowboys stadium and pulled off that incredible comeback?  I bet you do, and you can bet that the Dallas Cowboys remember that pretty well themselves.  That’s sitting heavily in their minds, and even more importantly, they are focused on getting to the playoffs.  The combination of those two things sells me on the road team here, and I’m also going with the Cowboys because of how well their quarterback has been playing lately.  Romo is on top of his game, and I expect a solid game out of him.

Prediction:  Dallas Cowboys- 31 New York Giants- 28

Free Pick

I know that the Cowboys are the underdogs here, but that doesn’t scare me away from betting on them.  I will not only be putting down a bet on the Dallas Cowboys to cover the +2.5, but I’ll also put a small bet on them to win the game straight up.  It’s a tough call, but Felix Jones has ran the ball well, and the offense is just clicking (and their last game against the Eagles means nothing to me since they had nothing to play for!).  I’m picking the Dallas Cowboys.

Pick:  Dallas Cowboys +2.5

Side Pick: Dallas Cowboys STRAIGHT +135